Courses and training

Sport and Rock Climbing Beginners Course

Expect our next climbing course! Varnaclimbing organizes a new course: sport and rock climbing The entry level climbing course is a nice challenge which in addition to new knowledge and skills also helps for good physical shape and exciting experiences in the nature. It is designed for complete beginners, but if you already have experience with sport and rock climbing you will be able to upgrade what you already know and improve your skills. It is led by a climbing instructor in small group, which allows adapting its content to the needs of its participants. Within a month you will have the opportunity to enjoy a wonderful mix of new skills and great experiences and to enjoy some of the most beautiful climbing spots in Bulgaria.

What's included

  • Theory lectures
  • Indoor practice 4 times a week
  • Outdoor climbing in the weekends
  • Climbing equipment
  • Full Varnaclimbing club membership for 2023

price: 200 BGN


There is currently no announced date for a new entry level climbing course. The courses are held in spring and autumn. If you wish, please leave your contact and we will get in touch.