Climbing for Kids

Working with children and developing their interest in climbing, as a natural desire to move up and to overcome heights, is the main activity of the club. We believe that climbing plays very important role in the overall development of children. It helps strengthen the body, improves their flexibility, strength, metabolism and mental health. The healthy habits that sports develop in children remain for lifetime and helps them adapt more easily, to be socially active and easily build contacts with adults and peers. As part of this activity in 2021 we launched the initiative "Free climbing for children under 15 in Varna", which started on 15 March 2022.


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday From 18:00 to 19:30

Prices for kids

Service for kids under 18 years old BGN
Climbing Pass 8.00
Monthly membership (unlimited visits) 50.00

The rates provide access to the gym and climbing equipment (wall ropes, harnesses, belay units).

09-04-2023 15:04

Training for children

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